Oh, Hello!

My name is Kieran Rigby, I am an ambitious, designer from Cork in Ireland. I'm a fan of all things design.I've always had an urge to be creative, taking every chance to doodle on anything I could find.

I work across many spectrums of the design industry not limited to graphic design, UI, Web design, Branding, POS, and more.

I've grown up living and breathing design. I spent most of my time as a student sneaking into the art room between classes with the excuse to 'do extra curricular work' but in reality I was just more comfortable in a creative space.

I am a self taught coder in both HTML & CSS. So not only do I create things I bring them to life. My skills as an artist have always been encouraged and pushed. I always strive to produce a higher standard of work and in turn developing my skills in the process.

Get in Touch

You can also contact me at: +353 (0) 87 253 2429 - Email